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Unify digital assets across platforms and channels to build a powerful data foundation.

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We have a library of pre built integrations. If your platform isn't listed we can build a new integration to connect all your systems together.

Multiple Stores

You can connect multiple stores and platforms to sync and transfer data seemlessly between locations.

Custom Applications

We build custom add-ons for users that supports their business objectives accessed directly through our dashboard.

Trading partners

Connect with traders easier through our integrations and customisations.

Different partners use different systems and platforms. Our supply chain experts will help you integrate with buyers so you can automate your data flows.

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If your company is weighed down in exporting and importing more and more data feeds, Channelup can automate the process and connect you directly with your suppliers digital assets and inventory.


Channelup Mobile

Free companion app that lets you manage order, products and inventory from wherever you are.

Manage Orders

View all your orders that you have syncing to your Channelup account.

Manage Products

Edit existing products or create new ones to sync to your ecommerce store.

Pick Orders

Load new orders and pick stock using your camera's phone and automatically count what is scanned.

Scan and Receive

Use your phones camera to scan barcodes of your inventory and count stock.

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